Warrior Women is a sisterhood unified by the battle against substance abuse disorder. We provide tools that are critical to continue fighting for our children and caring for ourselves through devastating circumstances.


Warrior Women are from every walk of life and relentlessly fight to reclaim their children lost in the depths of addiction.

They channel their energy to meet the demands of everyday life, while journeying through the viciousness and unpredictability of the battleground.

Countless traumas have left Warrior Women scarred but wiser. They possess the ability to renounce shame and disregard stigma; whispers and blame are irrelevant in a life-and-death war.

Their steadfast commitment is revered yet misunderstood, even by their friends and family. They rely on the reinforcement of their comrades, those who understand the complexity of combat and shelter one another without question.

Warrior Women don’t critique paths or question outcomes. Instead, they offer insight and, most importantly, hope. They collectively seek positivity and celebrate their children’s incremental improvements.

Although Warrior Women mourn lost dreams, they chose to live in love by preserving the memories of their children before they were eclipsed by drugs. They strive to separate their children from their misdeeds and look past their physical deterioration to see the essence of the child that remains.

They are savvy about substance use dependence and continue seeking traditional, alternative, and progressive approaches for information that may improve their children’s future.

Warrior Women have witnessed the dark side of the recovery industry and have become passionate advocates who defend human rights, name the opportunists, and expose corruption.

Warrior Women stand united.